Ages 3 - 5 (Birthdates 9/1/13 -8/31/16) | Coast Futbol Alliance

Ages 3 - 5 (Birthdates 9/1/13 -8/31/16)

  • Supervisor RJ Bass 443-655-4118
  • Fosters accelerated ball skills development at the very beginning of one’s soccer experience as well as developing balance and coordination.
  • Open to "All-comers."  The only prerequisite is that parent desires the best programing for his/her child’s first touch with the ball.
  • Trained professional instructors deliver a set curriculum to create a learning atmosphere full of fun and energy.
  • Pooled training sessions (teams train together) insure that all participants receive the same attention to instruction.  
    • Practice Tuesday. Friday for make up days.
  • Saturday league games are 3v3 format and conditioned to:
    • Require use of ball skills taught;
    • Eliminate time wasted due to stoppage of play;
    • Encourage parent participation.
  • Fall Season programming (Mid Sep - Nov)
  • Spring season programming (Feb - Mid Apr)
  • Birthdates: Sep 1, 2013 - Aug 31, 2016
  • Registration Fee: $198 per season plus $35 Uniform

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